Why do we use it?

Why do we use it?

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Picture this: you’re about to work eight hours in your auto body shop, and you just got married to the woman of your dreams. You want to wear your wedding ring, but you’re afraid to scuff it, drop it, or put yourself in a dangerous situation. What are you supposed to do?

Accidents caused by wedding rings are common at jobs that require intense physical labor. If your ring is suddenly pulled from your finger by a machine, you could be badly injured or lose your finger completely.

Even if your ring finger is safe from severe injury, it may have an uncomfortable tendency to swell when you work outside in the summer. There hasn’t been a solution to this age-old issue—until now.

TUFF rings are the most durable rings on the market. Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym, working long days in the heat, or fighting in the military, a TUFF ring is the only wedding ring that can complement your active lifestyle.

This ring is for the man who’s working to bring food to his table, safety to his country, and security to his family. Show your American pride, your commitment to your family, and your ability to get the job done.

What you don’t know about your wedding ring can hurt you, especially while you’re on the job. Let TUFF do their job and provide you with the TUFFEST ring money can buy. From TUFF’s family to yours, it’s time to celebrate your marriage and your dedication to a man’s work.

Weddings Rings Are Meant to Last a Lifetime—And This One Really Will

With patriotic styles and color options ranging from black camo to crimson red, a TUFF ring is the only ring on the market for a man fighting fires, fighting for his country, and fighting for the well-being of his family.

The black camo ring from TUFF represents your pride for your country and your family. It’s made of military-grade silicone, and it provides supreme comfort to every man. Whether you’re working in an auto body shop or at a military base, a TUFF ring will show your commitment to that special someone without risking an injury.

TUFF rings are 8.5 mm wide and 1.6 mm thick, and they utilize an airflow system that keeps your fingers and hands cool throughout the day. The TUFF ring is a functional, OSHA-approved ring for real men with real hard jobs.

TUFF rings’ silicone material was selected because of its durability and ability to protect every man from avulsion, degloving, bruising, and amputation.
When you catch a glimpse of your ring at work, don’t worry about it getting caught in a machine. Look down at your ring and remember how lucky you are to have love in your life.

Over 2 Million Men Are Wearing TUFF Rings

A TUFF ring is also a great replacement for men who are tired of their average wedding ring. Instead of a rigid silver band, what about an olive green ring that lets your fingers breathe? How about a comfortable American flag ring that shows your pride in your country?

Are you a park ranger? TUFF has a personalized ring just for you! Featuring an American flag design with a thin green line running through it, this ring represents every man working as a federal law enforcement agent, park ranger, or member of the armed forces.

A TUFF ring is for the blue-collar workers laboring away day in and day out, so business stays steady and production never stops. A TUFF ring is for the man who doesn’t back down from a challenge—in work or life.

Over 2 million men are wearing TUFF wedding rings. Even Diesel Dave from The Diesel Brothers won’t take his TUFF ring off.

This ring is what your wedding day is missing, and it’s the ring you’ll never have to miss again. No more taking off your ring to operate heavy machinery, run into a burning building, or fix your car engine. You never back down from a challenge—and neither does the TUFF ring.

View our best seller and take the plunge today.

TUFF Will Be The Last Ring You Ever Purchase

Honesty is one of TUFF’s core values. Why? Well, honest values lead to an honest company, which leads to honest products and honest customer experiences. TUFF wants you to experience their products with pride in your purchase and pride in your country.

TUFF includes the American flag on their rings to symbolize their commitment to our country, but it’s also a symbol of TUFF’s commitment to you—the hardworking American man.

TUFF is also committed to the promise of durability and the promise of a lifetime warranty. No matter what happens, your purchases at TUFF are covered for life. Whether you cut your ring in half by accident or lose it, life happens. TUFF has your back.

TUFF’s commitments are real, true, and honest—just like their TUFF Ring. That’s why this ring will be the last ring you ever purchase. This ring is built for every situation life throws at you, and it’s here to unify every man who’s working hard for his country and family.

When you purchase a Tuff Ring, you’ll never need another ring again.

Wedding Ring
Tuff Rings

TUFF’s Materials Are Durable and Strong, Just Like Their Commitment to Keeping You Safe

Before the TUFF Ring, laborers, athletes, and soldiers alike weren’t wearing their wedding rings due to very real hazards.

Metal rings are dangerous, no matter who you are or what you do. TUFF rings’ materials are durable and strong, just like their commitment to keeping you safe.

You don’t have to sacrifice displaying your commitment to your marriage because of your commitment to your job. Work and family should go hand-in-hand. That’s why a TUFF ring is a perfect fit for the hardworking American man who’s working to support his family.

Tuff Ring Is Changing the Game for Men Around the Country

Van Oakes is the family man behind TUFF. A motivated and hardworking co-founder, Oakes is an entrepreneur, an international speaker, and an American man committed to his family and to his TUFF family.

Oakes co-founded TUFF with his business partner Sam Venning. Sam has a reputation of building successful brands. Together they decided to make the only wedding band that can keep up with the day-to-day life of real men. Why? Because Oakes is a real man.

Oakes is a businessman, a father, and a husband with strong grit and even stronger morals. His entrepreneurial spirit is an extension of his commitment to his country. TUFF is just one of his many career ventures, but it’s the one that makes him the proudest. Oakes considers TUFF’s ability to help men across the United States feel connected to their jobs, their families, and their country one of his biggest accomplishments.

There is nothing more exciting for this founder than waking up and knowing he’s making a difference in the lives of hardworking American men. TUFF is changing the game for men around the country with an honest company and a ring that works as hard as you do.

Making a Commitment to Your Commitments

TUFF is the kind of company that has a ring to it, no pun intended. It’s a company that delivers on durability, reliability, and hard work, and it rewards the American man that supports his family and his country.

They are the company that’s making a commitment to your commitments so that you can focus on what really matters—your family.

If you’re sick of taking off your ring while you work, fight for your country, or even workout at the gym, TUFF has made a ring that symbolizes who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Purchase TUFF today, and make a commitment that’s as strong as you are.

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