No matter what happens to your ring

– we got you!

Here at TUFF ‘Honesty’ is one of our core values and we see it as our duty to deliver the most mind blowing customer experience that you’ve ever seen!

We are proud to bring you the toughest, most durable rings in the industry and we want to stand behind everything we sell with our NO NONSENSE, lifetime warranty you’re covered, no matter what!

It our promise to you to go above and beyond. Take a look at our Warranty Scenarios below to see just awesome it is to be apart of the Tuff Family!

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Warranty Scenarios

I’ve torn my ring: I’m a TUFF guy and my ring ripped while crushing some sweet iron at the gym. Is it covered under your NO NONSENSE Warranty? Hell yeah, keep crushing those weights baby.

My ring is too loose: My ring is too loose and keeps slipping off my finger. I could use it as a tire for my truck, but I really want to wear it. Is it covered under your NO NONSENSE Warranty? Yessir!

I need a new color: I got my TUFF ring, but my wife told me she prefers another color. Does your NO NONSENSE Warranty cover an exchange for another 30 days after getting your ring!

I lost my ring: My ring flew off while I was hunting a wild Moose in the Alaskan wilderness (I promise it wasn’t while I was cleaning the dishes 😉). Can I get a new one? You sure can TUFF guy, Just cover a $6.95 shipping fee!


Within 30 days of purchase: Free replacement with free shipping for any kind of manufacturing defect.

After 30 days of Purchase: Free replacement + $6.95 shipping and handling for any kind of damage or defect.

If you loose a ring at anytime: Free replacement + $6.95 shipping and handling.


Within 30 days: Free exchange, $6.95 shipping fee for a different size or color.

After 30 days: No exchanges on size or color.


Within 30 days: Hassle free return, we reimburse your shipping cost (up to $7.50 with store credit). Refund processed upon receipt of item and case.

After 30 days: No refunds on items after 30 days of purchase.